Youth Baseball Coaching– Major Techniques That Most Coaches Don’t Want You to Know

In my first eBook regarding the baseball the most popular article that were view most of the time is the “4 things that baseball coaches would practice but they don’t”

In this article, we discuss that 4 factors that help the baseball players for enhancing their skills. So that they can fight with any player in the baseball field.

The 4 major factors that I mentioned in that eBook was: Fist factor include that from the mound pitcher don’t practicing fielding. Second factor is near the fence catching habit and the rest are player players don’t take participate in sliding to wild pitched and passed balls.

But after getting feedback from different communities I comes to an end that people ask me about why these fours? Even there are many coaches that don’t practice other things which they think not best suit for their players.

Youth Baseball Coaching Major Techniques

Calling Time Out Technique

Almost one of every couple years the baseball runner sliding into second and don’t see any time when player get up saying timeout which may not be acknowledged by the umpire. Best infielder will put the ball in the gloves while he is sliding and get up on the base runner. And then he must called out when he is slipped out from the base for a moment.

Coaches must help the player for this Call time out techniques when they slide in to the base.  Every person this techniques one and coach is treat as umpire which may or may not acknowledge the call of time out.

This technique will help the player to practice that they didn’t slide out from the base until the umpire gave them the proper time to doing the slide from base.

Rundowns with Too Many Throws

This technique is used randomly and most of the time its use once in a week. Many baseball coaches use the technique to send back the runner to the base, but in some proactive technique you must be awarded with a gift if you come with an out. But when you talk about the ideal throws that must be none.

After that player must be train that they don’t throw a ball more than one time. A term sprint mode which is used when the player are in the situation that he can’t change his direction. At that time you can get the benefit of you one and only throw that you want to do.

Base Runners Stopping At First

Most of time it is observed that most of the base runner stop at first base and don’t move forward. They play a slow grounder hit and then maximum ran toward the first base and no more base in fear of being hit.

How many of us really practice to run through the first base even we teach this to player. It is the most easy technique that each of the player can easily reminds. Make of cone of player feet with an amount of ten from the base and then line up your team. After commanding they go all the player must sprint up towards the base at the cone. This technique will really help your player even he is your best base runner.

Covering 1st on Grounder to Right Side

It’s an on other techniques that will be really beneficial for your player in the baseball ground. May be you face a situation where the ball is hit towards the right infield but at the same time the pitcher is still stoop on the mound? Which is really not a good situation to stay frozen at mound.

Coaches must train the pitcher to move off from the mound by through thing the ball between the first and second baseman so that pitcher run and cover it first. But here you remind that a pitcher hit the base line which is actually a distance of 6 to 10 feet and then return reward the base In this technique whoever the field is baseball lead the first baseman. You can do it again and again until you get complete grip on it.

Bunting at High Pitches

Most of the player in the leagues must practice the bunting techniques. And each baseball coaching session all of the team players bunt a lot and it became a part of that session. There is a strategy which is most use during the each session by every coach is they try to change the bunting sign again and again so that you opponent baseball player can’t understand your strategy.

Even I am also facing many issues when I am practicing this techniques because there is continuous change in bunt which is cause a misunderstanding. So for a grip on this technique you must repeat it as much as you can to get more skills.

So for doing this technique you must hot out of the strike zone with a strike on ball and the other know that you really do bunting. But in this condition most of the coach’s train their player that bunt sign don’t mean that doing bunt id necessary. So we want them to bunt the ball in the strike alone.

We must train our player by throwing the ball out of the strike zone so they must practice that on which ball we are bunting. And do it again and again so that player get a grip on bunting. This will surly help the player to know exactly about the bunt sign in real tournament.


Even most of the coaches don’t tell you about this techniques as they don’t think it is necessary for you. But according to most senior coaches the above mentioned skill really necessary for the player to enhance their pitching skills as well as other skills that they want to be a perfect pitcher. You can also use online resources for getting help regarding these techniques to enhance you skills as well as to compete the other players by using the strategic techniques.