Which Racket Sports to Stay in Shape?

On this occasion, and thinking about the best way to work the body through sport, we analyze the racket sports proposals that will allow you to have a lot of fun while you play. These are disciplines that will make you exercise your whole body and, at the same time, achieve greater flexibility and strength without realizing it. What are the best racket sports to train your body and mind?


man hand tennis rackets

The most popular racket sport on this list is also the most demanding and complex. It has a very specific regulation and requires very good technique to train it properly. It’s fun and can be practiced by men and women of all ages.

Through the practice of tennis, the upper and middle train of the body is worked in a remarkable way. It also helps to improve coordination and concentration, but it also requires endurance since matches tend to last for a long time, so playing tennis will help you to obtain a better physical condition. There are several cheap tennis rackets that you might be interested in, check it out before the sale ends!



squash rackets

Squash is another very complete sport that will help you improve your speed of response and concentration. It is also a safe bet for those who use sport to release adrenaline. A complete sport that works all areas of the body and that will entertain you playing with friends.

It is important to strengthen the legs as they receive a great demand in daily squash practice. It’s faster than tennis, so you also have to train for agility and endurance, as well as speed for shots and responses.



paddle tennis ball

A slightly more relaxed bet than the previous two sports. The paddle has simpler rules and is much friendlier to casual athletes. It is an excellent option to work the lower body and strengthen the legs. As it forces us to run from one end of the court to the other, it is an excellent option for those looking to burn calories.

We had an article to find the difference between tennis and paddle tennis for beginners.


badminton game

Badminton is played using a feather shuttlecock, not a ball. It is a sport of less intensity, since the racket is made of a lighter material, and so is the shuttlecock. That makes the blows require less force to cover the spaces.

The good thing about badminton is that its rules are very simple. All you have to achieve is that the steering wheel touches the rival field’s ground to score points. It is a good exercise to develop coordination, flexibility, and always keep the whole body active in general shape.


Table tennis

table tennis game

Our latest proposal for racquet sports is one of the most fun and affordable. Table tennis, also called ping-pong, is an entertaining activity for all ages but also very demanding.

It is used to train vision and eye coordination, in addition to working on motor skills and hand agility. It is a highly recommended sport for socializing and with very little risk of injury.

These are five of the racket sports that you can play to have a lot of fun and train different aspects of your body and mind. Feel free to recommend other sports and practice with your friends to improve your physical and mental state.