What are the main differences between paddle tennis and tennis?

Paddle tennis and tennis are two of the most popular racket sports today. Despite the fact that these are racket sports, we have to bear in mind that there are substantial differences between the two. These differences mean that paddle tennis and tennis can be enjoyed each in its own way, and that we can enjoy two totally different sports.

Many people play tennis and paddle tennis, because they want to enjoy the advantages of practicing both sports and because they feel when playing that they are not the same sport at all. Whoever thinks that paddle tennis and tennis are the same is completely wrong. We are going to take a look at the most important differences that can be seen between paddle tennis and tennis, so that in case we have any questions, we can solve them without problems.

Rackets are different

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The first major difference is in the racket we use. In tennis, it is known as a tennis racket, and in paddle tennis, it is known as a paddle blade. Nowadays we can find offers for rackets and offers for paddle tennis rackets to get a new one without problems and at a good price thanks to the popularization of both sports, but they are not the same. For the production of tennis rackets, in the area where it impacts the ball, a twisted string is used, which is where the ball hits. However, for padel rackets, a perforated surface is used, which can be fiberglass or carbon, generally, it is not braided ropes, but it is a whole surface with holes.

The court is different

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The paddle and tennis courts are different. The main difference is that

the paddle tennis courts are closed, they usually have a glass enclosure and a fence, which allows paddle tennis players to use the wall to support their game. This way, if the ball bounces off the wall, you can keep playing. In tennis however, the ball is lost by the end of the field if the player does not return it. The tennis court is bigger than the paddle tennis court. You may find our latest reviews on popular tennis rackets recently.

Differences in the rules of the game

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We also find differences in the rules of the game. One of the most important is when the hit is made. In tennis, the ball is thrown into the air to hit it and get it to bounce across the opponent’s court. However, in paddle tennis, you have to bounce the ball to hit it later and cross it in the opposite field. Otherwise, the rules are similar, but you should take into account the particularity that you also play with walls, and this directly influences the rule

Game differences

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Paddle tennis is a much simpler sport when it comes to playing. In addition, it is not as physically demanding as tennis can be, these are surely the keys to the immense popularization of paddle tennis in recent years.