Under Armor Curry 7 Basketball Shoes Review

In actuality, we can go to different kinds of shops for shoes and feel a little bit lost in front of all the models we can see. But, even between all that variety of shoes, it is possible to find the perfect model of them.

Besides, it became more in a reality at the moment that Micro G and HOVR work together to bring to the market the Under Armor Curry 7. Believe it or not, these designers work hard to perfect Curry’s previous models. But, what makes these new Curry shoes something special. It can be its traction, its support, or maybe its design.

For this reason, we want to do this review about the Under Armor Curry 7. It is going to help you at the time to make a comparison with another Curry models. Besides, knowing all the features of the new Under Armor Curry 7, you are going to buy them with trust, and without thinking that you buy them just for a publicity campaign.

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How is the traction of the Under Armor Curry 7?

The traction in all the designs of Curry is always just what we want. The traction with the models of Curry never is a problem, and with the Under Amor Curry 7, they were not going to make an exception.

The Under Armor Curry 7 count with two patterns of traction. One is the Herringbone and the radial. Despite some people could think that is excessive use of more than one traction pattern, this has been what has given to the Curry part of its popularity.

Besides, the combined traction pattern lets you play any game you want without the fear than your feet slide over the playing camp. An important benefit of this kind of traction is that it can /cover you in all the movements you do. It does not matter if you are playing basketball or tennis because your feet are going to be firm on the floor.

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Buy Under Armour Curry 7 Unisex Shoes

How is the rubber of the Under Armor Curry 7?

The rubber of the sole can be a problem for some exterior players because it is a little bit soft. This softness is very problematic when the person that is using the shoes play outside because the floor is going to wear away the sole of the shoes.

Fortunately, the double traction design adds some extra resistance to the sole. It means that once you use the shoes and the first traction pattern wear away, the second pattern can support you then.

However, the sole counts with a double pattern do not make it completely resistant to the rough exterior surfaces. In this way, if you plan to use your Under Armor Curry 7 to play outside, you have to consider that they are shoes that are not going to last too much time.

On the other hand, this softness is slightly paradoxical because it does not add some cushion to the shoes. It makes the opposite. The rubber of the sole of the Under Armor Curry 7 is too firm and tough. Too many users expect to find in this model the bouncing and elastic features of Micro G and HOVR, but they only get stability.

But, everything is not as bad as we can think because it all depends on the likes of people. Some people love these shoes because they hate to feel that smooth sensation while walk or do some sport. These shoes are perfect for that kind of person that prefers stability and firmness at the time to wear shoes.

Under Armour Curry 7 Unisex Shoes Review

What do you have to know about the materials of the Under Armor Curry 7?

The materials and fabric of these shoes have been conflicted between the purchasers. It happens because the designers use the Under Armor Curry 7 materials that are entirely synthetic.

The synthetic materials are not too comfortable to the touch, unlike other brands that launched new models like Under Armor Curry 7 and used different fabrics like leather that are more comfortable.

However, it does not mean that the shoes do not fit perfectly to the feet because once the people wear the shoes are going to feel that they are soft and firm. Besides, we have to consider the high quality of this brand that independently that the materials are synthetic does not affect the performance of the shoes.

Also, the foams of the Under Armor Curry 7 are better than the previous models of the same brand. In general lines, these shoes have all the traction, stability, firmness, and comfortable that every athlete professional or amateur could need. You only have to give it a try to these shoes, and you are not going to regret it. The Under Armor Curry 7 are incredible shoes that combine the best traction technology that others shoes in the market do not have. Take another look at my latest Nike Zoom Rize Basketball Shoes Review.

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