Ultimate benefits of swimming in children

As a starting point, it should be noted that it is a physical and social activity, which can be started at an early age. The objective benefits of swimming, which can lead us to choose it, are the following:

Refreshing fun

boy swimming alone

In hot climates or during hot seasons, taking children swimming regularly and outdoors encourages an active lifestyle for the rest of the year, and is at the same time, almost perfect physical exercise. A very fun activity. And even in cold weather, we had the Best Indoor Sports to Stay Fit in Winter.


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According to the research, drowning is the second leading cause of death in children and youth between 5 and 24. Therefore, swimming is not only a physical exercise, it also reduces the risk of suffering an emergency if your child accidentally falls into the water or is carried away by a current on the beach. However, your ability to navigate aquatic environments should not imply that adults can fail to supervise your activities in the water.


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Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular exercise for our children’s lungs and hearts, improving strength and flexibility, raising endurance levels, and even improving balance and posture. It also prevents childhood obesity that has been linked to juvenile diabetes and corrects or relieves pain that can be derived from certain curvatures of the spine, or even improves the symptoms of some diseases.

Low impact sport

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It is a less stressful physical activity for the joints and ligaments, and therefore relatively injury-free compared to other sports more widespread among our children, such as tennis or soccer, which is why it is classified as a low-impact activity.

Psychological benefits

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Some researchers suggest that it improves children’s intelligence as well. According to the study carried out in Australia by the Griffith Institute for Educational Research, children who regularly practiced swimming in their early years, demonstrated better general knowledge than the normal population. It is also a mental exercise that strengthens a positive mental attitude and high self-esteem with the achievement of physical goals and the fulfillment of objectives.

Finally, it should be mentioned that for many children with special needs or disabilities, which prevent them from participating in other sports, they will have a suitable sport in swimming, which will give them many moments of fun in the water with their parents, siblings, and friends, with the advantage that buoyancy provides for those who have movement limitations.

The benefits of swimming have also been found in children with autism spectrum disorders. For them, swimming is a rhythmic movement (similar to some of their characteristic repetitive behaviors) that frees them from those sensory perceptions that block them in daily life, and it is a therapy that will help them in the field of coordination, communication, form physical, socialization and familiarization with water.

These are just some of the reasons for choosing swimming. Initiation in any sport is always a matter of PATIENCE, and through good communication between parents and physical instructors, we will ensure that our children maintain that motivation that is so necessary so as not to abandon the practice of exercise.