These 5 Tactics Can Improve Your Tennis Game

Whether amateur or professional, to evolve as a tennis player requires training on the court and studying outside. You don’t have to worry, and you don’t have to sit for hours to study tennis and then play.

But being a smart tennis player on the court is important. Knowing how to play and not just hitting balls to the other side with no goal makes all the difference when you want to win more games.

Understanding a little tactic and strategy in tennis is available to everyone, and therefore we bring you some tips on the tactical aspect of tennis. Here are some tactics you can use:

Move your opponent sideways

Move tennis opponent sideways

Moving your opponent means, most of the time, having a point. It has everything to do with bisector and tennis percentage. When you hit the ball on the side, the ball moves away from the court’s center and moves your opponent away. If you always put your ball on the side, eventually the opponent will try to change the ball’s direction to the parallel, leading you astray or hit the ball across the court, on the side, making it move.

Move your opponent forward / backward.

Move tennis opponent forward

In this case, the aim is to use drop-shots and lobs to make your opponent move back and forth. As modern tennis is more focused on the back court game, it is normal for players to move well laterally. So make him come to the net and then apply a lob. This will cause mistakes, as many players are not used to moving in this way. Throwing a high ball while the opponent is at the bottom of the court (away from the baseline) and then dropping is also effective.

Never hit the same ball twice

hit tennis ball twice

An interesting tactic, as most players like to “pick up the pace” in a match. If you vary your strokes, one with slice, another with high topspin, another with no weight, and then speeding up the ball, it will make your opponent uncomfortable. Thus, the opponent will not have a rhythm within the game, making mistakes or leaving the ball short.

Stretch the stitches as much as possible

defensive tennis players

This is the kind of tactic that defensive players with a good physique should apply – especially at important points. The objective is clearly to tire the opponent until he makes a mistake. It also works against impatient opponents.

Force your opponent “out” of the court

uncomfortable tennis position

With a little less force, hit angled balls, throw your opponent to the doubles line, or even farther. This is a smart tactic, since as many players are not used to hitting the ball from such an uncomfortable position, they will risk winners and, consequently, will make more mistakes.

It is important to keep in mind that using just one tactic throughout the game is not effective. Your opponent will eventually get used to it. The success of the tactic will then be neutralized. Go to the match with some tactics in your head – or noted down somewhere.

Remember to choose a good tennis racket before going to the court, it will comfort your arms during the match.