The best exercises to improve your baseball game

A great throwing arm is a psychological gift, but it can also be developed. For those who were not born with a cannon in their arm, arm strength exercises can improve speed, distance, and consistency. As with any skill acquired, the key to success is the commitment to training. Over time, the player who does throwing exercises will gain strength and technique, resulting in stronger pitches.

Slow technique exercise

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More important than any exercise are warm-up exercises, and they take place before the first ball is played. After lubricating the shoulder connections by making circles with the arms and stretching the entire leg, torso, and arms, this slow technique is an effective way to train muscle memory and prevent bad habits.


The exercise is basically a game of catching the ball, but the throwing motion is greatly slowed. It begins by simultaneously rotating the torso, while throwing the throwing arm at an angle of 90ยบ. The palm of the throwing hand must be fully turned as if the pitcher were showing the ball to the men in the center field.

When using the back leg to propel forward, the player turns the trunk and throws the arm forward towards the ground. When the elbow passes through the ear, the player must release the ball towards the target. If done correctly, your whole body should follow, except the front support foot. When throwing at full speed, the manner taught in this exercise must be maintained and consistent.

Long throw

The long throw is an exercise that is actually just a game of throwing and catching with a teammate. The two players start at a distance of approximately 4.5 m to 6 m. After a few shots, one of the players takes two steps back. This process is always continued after a few shots, until the players reach the maximum distance between them.

When performing this exercise, it is best to pair up with someone who has the same strength as you, so they can improve to the same extent. Be aware that as the distance increases, the accuracy of the pitches may decrease. Thus, when practicing this exercise as a team, it is better to leave enough space between the pairs, to avoid any accident. Players do not want to put too much stress on their arms during exercise. To prevent injury,

Balls with weight

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Weighted balls are used in techniques to gain strength, but players must be careful not to exceed their limits with too heavy balls. They are done together, but similar results can be achieved by simply soaking a baseball in a bucket of water. The advantage of balls with weight (instead of wet ones) is that they provide a gradual progression of weight, where players start throwing the lightest ball and increase until they feel comfortable playing the heaviest one. With a wet ball, you get only one weight, but you can still see some results.

Training with resistance bands

A common myth in baseball is that lifting weight will increase the strength of your arm. In a way, this is true, but not in the way you think. Bulky muscles like biceps and triceps have little, if anything, to do with the speed of the pitch. In fact, the strength of the pitch comes from the tendons and ligaments.

Tendons attach muscles to bones, and ligaments attach bones to other bones. The focus on protecting these anatomical features is to develop strong shoulder muscles. An easy exercise that leads to muscle growth is the resistance bands. Attach one side of the elastic and hold the other with your hand, imitating the pitch’s movement slowly. As the arm moves forward, it receives resistance throughout the movement, increasing the strength of all parts of the body associated with the throw.

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