Practical tips for perfect dribbling in football

Knowing how to dribble better is something that every football player needs to look for. If the field’s spaces are narrow, if the defenses are locked, only the dribble saves. Blessed are those who are born with the natural gift, the swing, and the loose waist.

However, we, poor mortals, have to train hard to learn how to dribble well. But it is possible. The key is to have control and control of the ball since carrying it across the field is what makes good passes and submissions possible. Here in this post, we will offer simple and practical tips to make a difference when learning to dribble.

Dribbling in football: let’s go for real

1) Embrace your loneliness

Dribbling in football tricks

To improve your dribbling, you need to prepare and get your body used to making movements that you cannot always do. It is a lonely path, but it is the path. Remember that your brain thinks one way, but your body definitely thinks another.

Take advantage of social isolation and watch some classes on YouTube, with exercises for beginners that suit any dribbling level and even those that show more complex movements. These are game situations that require an agile response and quick decision making.

Training alone is excellent for putting into practice all the teachings you have acquired and the best, in your time, in your own way. Don’t feel bad: the greatest soccer stars have also trained to dribble in football against an imaginary defender.

2) Keep control over the ball

how to drib in football

One of the fundamental parts of the dribble is to have control and control of the ball, since carrying it across the field offers the player the opportunity to make good passes and submissions. To improve this technique, try the exercises below:

Lightly touch the ball with your foot, so you lose a little speed and have more control as you get used to the contact.

Use the tip of your foot to guide the ball while running. To load or invade the attack field with the ball, it is necessary to change the foot using the ball’s internal part.

3) Train fundamentals

best practice in football

Learning to dribble better involves perfecting your technique and then improving your speed. If you think we are going to show a magical path, we have very bad news. There’s no way, football is all about training. To learn to dribble, you essentially need to train the fundamentals. For this:

Carry the ball on a field:  practice on a large field, where you can train pikes as you improve your ball control using the tip of your foot. This is also useful when lightly touching the ball.

Train the ball control at high speed: in this part, the idea is to charge the “ball” running, but always without losing control.

Load the ball through cones: ¬†place five cones, with a distance of about 90 cm or with one foot. Remember to do the “zigzag” movement – especially between them.

Train passing through the cones using both feet: doing so reqperfect dribbling in footballuires using the inner part of the chest of both feet.

4) Repeat frequently


Be disciplined, connect all training, use your creativity, and create your own version. But in the end, this is it: you will have to repeat it many times. That old saying that says, “practice makes perfect.”

Furthermore, repeating the exercises several times will increase your confidence, encourage you to try something new and dare in front of the defender. Start working on simple movements and build your morals little by little.

Over time, risk other more complex moves and dribbles. Take it easy, take your time, and believe in your potential. It is already proven that confidence leverages results and can make your football take off. With repetitions, you will spill your opponents, shine in your skin, and do real magic with your feet.