Nine benefits of playing ping pong you should know

Ping pong is a very attractive exercise for many people. It’s great fun, fast, competitive, and cheap. In addition to this, this sport has many health benefits, which we will tell you below. Therefore, if you are passionate about table tennis, you have a few more reasons to play it.

Ping pong improves speed coordination of movements

Ping pong movement speed

Continued practice of this sport can greatly help the development of hand-eye coordination. To play ping pong well, it is necessary that the hands and eyes work in a coordinated way, which will gradually become more acute with practice. Also, they must be fast movement, which helps to develop agility.

Improves the ability to concentrate

Ping pong concentration

This exercise helps to increase the capacity of concentration since to play; the focus of attention must be kept on the ball at all times, which ends up achieving better concentration.

It is also a good exercise to keep the brain active, by increasing the cognitive capacity of people who practice it.

Improve memory

Ping pong improve memory

Ping pong is a very healthy exercise for the brain in general, but one of the capacities it particularly affects is retention and memory, as can be seen from this study carried out in the United States.

It is a sport in which techniques must be put into play, the movements of the opponent must be anticipated while playing at high speed. Therefore, it is a great exercise to improve memory.

According to some specialists, aerobic activity, such as playing ping pong, improves memory by promoting the regeneration of brain cells, thanks to BDNF, a protein that promotes neuronal growth and renewal.

In this sense, it can be a great help in the prevention of certain problems, such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

Improve mood

Ping pong improve mood

A significant benefit of table tennis, and in general, of all sports, is that it improves mood and mood. Regular exercise increases dopamine levels and produces a delightful feeling of happiness in those who practice it.

The practice of this exercise has been associated with reducing depression and anxiety, the improvement of day-to-day mood, the improvement of sleep, appetite, and the reduction of emotional problems.

Improves appetite and problems related to intake

Ping pong improve appetite

Table tennis can also be a very suitable activity to improve eating and for people who have a poor appetite. After performing the activity, the body needs to replenish the energy expended, so the appetite is whetting.

Helps burn calories

Ping pong burn calories

It is a game that requires a lot of effort and very fast movements, so it burns a lot of calories. Also, it is an ideal way to burn calories and an alternative to the gym or running, usually more routine and less entertaining because it is a very entertaining game.

Helps to have a better socialization

Ping pong socialization

Table tennis is a sport that is practiced in pairs, so it can also be a good excuse to connect with more people and socialize. It can help improve relationships and communication.

Therefore, it is an excellent activity to play with family or friends and spend more time with them. It is also a good opportunity to meet new people if played in a sports center.

Improve balance

Ping pong improve balance

Balance is another of the skills necessary to play ping pong since it is essential to maintain balance in the game and control movements. In this way, with continued practice, you will achieve greater balance.

Helps maintain healthy joints

Ping pong healthy joints

Table tennis allows you to exercise the joints of the body and keep them active, such as the joints of the knees and arms, without overloading them, so it is ideal for the joints to remain in good condition.