Nike Zoom Rize Basketball Shoes Review

Nike is one of the most recognized Brands of shoes around the world. This brand has innovated in the world of shoes for several years. Its trajectory makes us trust in this brand. However, its evolution is so fast that it is necessary to do an exhausting review about one of the latest models that they launched to the market.

The new invention of Nike is the Nike Zoom Rize shoes. These shoes count with different and unique features that make them different from other kinds of sports shoes. For this reason, we want to tell you all the details about these new sports shoes that Nike has to offer us. In this way, you are going to determine if those shoes are what you are looking for to practice the sport you want.

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Which are the features that make its sole something unique?

The design of the sole of the Nike Zoom Rize is too rare because it is a herringbone that has been modified for Nike to be different from another one. But, the particular of this design is that it is limited to the area of the toe. However, the rest of the sole counts with deep grooves to add more traction to these shoes. All these grooves cover the entire surface of the sole, which guarantees a grip to the floor with every centimeter of the sole.

Now, if we keep talking about the sole, we are going to notice that it is transparent. The designers prefer do not to use colors in the sole specifically, in the part of the forefoot because that is where the zoom bag is. Anyone could believe that this absence of color could make that the shoes get dirty quickly. But, it is a great surprise to notice that it resists very well the dirt independently if you use the shoes both indoors or outdoors.

As part of the design of the sole, in the section of the heel, there is some kind of suction-cup. Being honest, this suction-cup does not add some extra quality of traction or adhesion to the floor or the playing camp. However, it gives that sensation because when the people use the Nike Zoom Rize they hear some noise like the shoes stick to the floor, but this does not happen.

Despite this suction-cup could be real or not, the traction of the Nike Zoom Rize is unbelievably impressive. On the other hand, the foam of these shoes are made to be incredibly comfortable and with a great capacity to bounce and receive the impacts.

Besides, now we are talking about the bouncing qualities of the Nike Zoom Rize, we cannot forget that part of its name is Zoom for its Zoom bag that works as a kind of trampoline. It reduces the strength of the impact of the falls while the person is practicing some sport like basketball. In this way, while you are using the Nike Zoom Rize, you can play with the bouncing factor in your favor.

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How is the design of the top of the Nike Zoom Rize?

First of all, it is necessary to mention that the rest of the shoes that do not form part of the sole are made of synthetic fabric. This fabric has a mesh design that could sound uncomfortable for some people. But, once you try on the shoes you realize that it adjusts perfectly to the feet and do not annoy at all.

The only critic that makes most of the users is that the materials are synthetic, and there is another kind of material that is more comfortable. However, it does not rest valued to this model of Nike.

On the other hand, if we pay attention to the part of the collar of the shoes, we can notice that it is very high. In the beginning, it feels a little bit uncomfortable because it is higher than the other shoes of Nike like this. But, it is compensated for the foam in the borders. The special about this foam is that it has memory. It adds more commodity to the shoes and makes them part of the ankle feels soft.

The whole shoes are very durable because despite the materials are synthetic; they are of high quality. Besides, there is any necessity to adjust your size with these shoes because their size is very standard. It is surprising considering that the Nike Zoom Rize count with double Zoom support.

The double support adds to the feet more stability and security at the time to walk, run, and jump. In conclusion, the Nike Zoom Rize is a great model of shoes that bring us quality and functionality at the same time. For some people, the volume can be overwhelming, but once they try on the shoes, the high comfort, stability, and traction make them change their minds. We got Jordan CP3.XII Basketball Shoes  for you to check another option before buying any basketball shoes.

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