Nike PG3 Basketball Shoes Review

Nike is a huge company dedicated to creating the most useful and modern sports shoes for all their customers. In this way, to please all the needs that people can have at the time to practice any sport, Nike has developed different lines.

Within the most recent lines of Nike, we can find the Nike PG3. It is a controversial shoe because this model has its fans, but also its haters. However, despite the different opinions we can find, it is necessary to know all the features, benefits, pros, and cons of Nike PG3 before decide to buy them or not. Or you could take a look at Nike Kyrie 6.

How is the traction of the Nike PG3?

The traction of the new Nike PG3 is very confusing because, in the beginning, the traction is too bad. However, while the shoes begin to be used, they win more and more traction. In this way, the traction of the Nike PG3 can be considered regular, but not as good as other Nike models.

To add more traction to this model, Nike includes in the sole of the shoes a circular design. The con of this design is that it is the same all over the sole, unlike another kind of Nike shoes that give us more traction in the heel or the toe. After all, those are the zones with more contact and also the parts that we use to jump or run.

In this way, it would have been incredible that the traction was properly distributed. But, despite this little con, the resistant of the Nike PG3 is acceptable. Once you use them for a couple of days, you are going to get used to it, and they are going to earn more traction.

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What can we say about the sole of the Nike PG3?

The circular design is part of the sole, but there are other important features that we want to talk about. The first is the color of the rubber because of the latest models of Nike like this model count with a translucent rubber. Most people do not like this translucent rubber because it can be damaged very quickly.

However, the designers finally work on it and make this translucent rubber something different. Unlike Nike’s previous models, the Nike PG3 translucent rubber withstands pressure and dirt very well.

Now, if we talk about the consistency of the rubber of the Nike PG3, we are going to find a little grateful surprise. It is why in the promotional information about these shoes, Nike said that it is going to be soft and spongy. But, unfortunately, the softness of the rubber just as real in the promotional ads.

Nike PG3 Basketball Shoes review

The big problem is that at the first prove the rubber is very rigid. We have to use the Nike PG3 almost every day for an entire week to start to feel the softness that they promote from the beginning.

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What can we say about the design of the Nike PG3?

If we move our attention to the color of the Nike PG3, there is nothing extraordinary about it. It is why one of the best combinations of this model, in actuality, it is the combination of black and white.

On the other hand, synthetic fabric is not too surprising. This synthetic nature makes that you need to use the shoes to start to feel comfortable. In terms of size, it is very exact and precise. However, to feel the comfort and softness of the shoes, you have to endure a little pain because, in the beginning, they are very rigid. It is going to make you feel pain, especially on the bottom of the foot.

Like other models of Nike, the Nike PG3 also counts with a counter of heels in the inside of the shoes. They work very well and helps to avoid the heels move out of their places. Besides, the midsole is a little bit over the fit in this part of the shoes. It is very useful at the time to change direction or make quick moves because this makes the footbed does not move and practically stick to the shoes.

The shoes do not count with enough stability that can be a problem if you practice some sport that needs a lot of stability on your feet. But, the less of a proper stabilizer is compensated with a wing of rubber in the sides of the shoes. In this way, they avoid the rubber of the sole in the middle of the shoe collapse in front of the pressure while you are doing any activity.

In conclusion, Nike PG3 has good qualities and benefits at the time to run or play some sport. But if we do not want to wait for too much to feel comfortable with our shoes, maybe this is not your option. We also had some reviews on Under Armor Curry 7 Basketball Shoes, feel free to check for other choice basketball shoes.

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