Know the 4 main defense tactics in basketball

Most athletes dream of being the scorer of a game and taking their team to the championship title. However, defense tactics in basketball are of great relevance in matches, as they allow the team to suffer fewer points and have a greater capacity to make a difference on the other side of the court.

Players like Michael Jordan and LeBron James are known worldwide for their ability to score points. However, what is not always emphasized is the defensive quality of these athletes, who make a difference in individual marking and team organization.

Interested in the subject? We have separated the main types of defense in basketball for you to know and apply in your classes. Read on!


1) Individual defense

Individual defense basketball

It is the oldest type of defense in basketball, implemented by creator James Naismith, at the end of the 19th century. In this type of marking, each player is responsible for an opponent and must stay in the space between him and the basket. The main objective is to follow your movements and avoid scoring. In this type of defense, it is necessary to concentrate on the player’s steps, without losing reference to the basket and the rest of the team.


2) Defense by zone

Defense by zone basketball 

The zone is one of the most complex defense tactics in basketball, but it is effective when it is well trained. In it, players do not have a specific combination but are responsible for occupying the court’s spaces.

On the other hand, the players’ high movement can leave holes, and there is also a greater vulnerability for long distance shots. Therefore, the teacher must seek the integration of his students and ensure that everyone is well trained before applying the zone defense in a match.


3) Mixed defense

Mixed defense basketball 

The mixed defense is a union between individual and zone marking. That is, in the same play, some players are responsible for specific opponents, while others occupy certain spaces on the court. Its advantage is the change in the pace of the game, which can confuse the other team.

In Box-One, one defender scores individually, and the others score by zone. To complete, the last mixed defense structure is the Triangle, in which two scores individually and the other three are positioned in the zone.


4) Pressure defense

Pressure defense basketball

The pressure defense is used in specific moments of the game, such as in the final minutes, when the score is unfavorable. Its main characteristic is having a numerical advantage and forcing the opponent to make quick decisions, which can lead to mistakes and repossession. It is possible to use both individual and zone marking.

The fitness should receive more attention from the coach, since the team will have more wear and tear to pressure the opponent. It is also necessary to avoid tougher contacts, as this combative stance can generate infractions and free throws. Finally, it is necessary to have a good relationship so as not to leave empty spaces. Remember to choose right basketball shoes to boost your best performance during the game.