How to coach a beginner basketball team?

The first steps in sport are fundamental for students and future athletes. In this context, the teacher is important in teaching basketball to beginners. He will be responsible for presenting the orange ball and concentrating on developing a new generation of players.

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What is the profile of a basketball coach for beginners?

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The first step for you to be a good basketball coach is to have high knowledge of the sport, as your responsibility is to teach your students how to practice. The second step is to understand that your goal is to maintain interest in all training sessions activities.

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In addition to being a professional, the expert must be an educator, especially at younger ages. He needs to encourage an environment in which young people have a critical sense and understand that they need to improve their skills and decision-making, factors that come with time.

Thus, a coach’s characteristics include creativity, patience, organization to plan classes, and a positive spirit to motivate athletes. On the other hand, he should avoid using exercises that are incompatible with the students’ abilities, facilitate accidents, or lack clarity in teaching.


What are the main concepts that students should learn?

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At the beginning of learning any sport, it is important to develop children’s and adolescents’ relationships. The first objective should not be to value victory and performance but to make sure that they maintain interest in basketball, understand the game elements, and design a cooperative team.

The fundamentals are important to improve the skills with and without the ball. In the first classes, pitches are the most interesting exercises. The tip is to let the students have fun, but introduce the first concepts, such as how to hold the ball and the movement of the arms.

These are the main fundamentals that beginners should know and train:

  • Pitch: teach correct mechanics and ideal body balance;
  • Ball control: encourage students to use both hands to move better on the court;
  • Pass: teach the types of pass (chest, chopped, over the head) and when to choose each;
  • Dribbling: as a complement to ball control exercises, demonstrate the right way to dribble on the court;
  • Rebound: teach body positioning, with leg work to keep the opponent away.

Ball control and passing are other priority fundamentals, as they help to understand the importance of collective play and teamwork. Remember that if athletes are young (like 11 or 12 years old), their tendency to change physically, so technique becomes essential.

Later, it is possible to present the most technical moves, such as the tray and the block, and introduce the first attack and defense tactics. However, the primary objective is that everyone understands the sport’s functioning and that they have the self-esteem to maintain the will to learn.


How can a professional be trained to transmit his knowledge?

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Basic basketball coaches and school teachers are physical education professionals who have developed and directed their studies towards this sport. So, to enter the market, the first step is to look for initiation courses to learn from renowned people in the field.

The school technician is the first reference that students have, which explains the need to deepen their knowledge to explain the exercises and movements clearly. It is not necessary to be an exceptional player, but it is important to be clear and teach the technique.

Therefore, if you want to explore this market, try to learn, with the consolidated technicians, your strategies, and methods to contact the new players. After a period of experience, and with a greater command of basketball, you can create your own tactics.

The professional who develops his knowledge and seeks ways to improve his teaching skills is one step ahead in teaching basketball to beginners. In this first contact, students learn to like the sport, so the coach needs to be trained to achieve the best results in training.