How to Become a Better Basketball Player

If you’re looking for a fun, competitive, highly beneficial sport to get involved in, basketball is the ideal sport for you.

Enjoyed in countries across the globe, this multi-million-dollar sport is highly competitive and is certainly not easy.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re your team’s MVP, or if you’re simply just looking for ways of impressing your coach and keeping your spot on the team, there are always things that you can do to become a better basketball player.

If you want to step up your game and improve your skills, we’ve got just the topic for you today.

Here are several proven strategies for becoming a better basketball player.

Know your role on the team

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Fans of WWE wrestler ‘The Rock’ may be familiar with one of his sayings, which is ‘Know Your Role, and Shut Your Mouth’.

We certainly aren’t telling you to shut your mouth as communication on the basketball court is very important, but we are advising you to know your role on the court and as a part of the team.

Basketball is a team sport, and to borrow a very tired cliché, there is no ‘I’ in team.

Remember, when on the court, it’s you and your teammates, so don’t be tempted to try and go it alone and be the MVP at the expense of the other members of your team.

You play where your coach tells you to play, and you do as you’re instructed to do. Once everybody knows their specific roles on the team, you’ll develop a synergy with one another and will function like a well-oiled machine.

Work on your weaknesses

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One of the most effective strategies for becoming a better basketball player is to work on your weaknesses.

Identify where you struggle, whether it’s your speed, your vertical jump, your shooting, or your dribbling, and then practice, practice, and practice some more.

If your shooting is off, do nothing but shoot hoops in your spare time and work on improving your accuracy and technique.

If your fitness is letting you down, clean up your diet, clean up your lifestyle, and work extra hard on your conditioning, fitness, strength, and endurance in and out of the gym.

Look for extra ways to nail points

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In a perfect world, each time your team scored points it would be thanks to you nailing slam dunks or pulling off unbelievable shots from the other end of the court.

In reality, there are many other ways to get points for your team, if you’re willing to step up your game and really put in the work.

Offensive rebounds for example, could be ripe for the picking if a teammate fails to nail a basket and you can outjump your opponent. You can set more screens to look for shooting chances as you confuse the defence, and much more besides.

Remember, there are other ways to score points as well as set plays and offence.

Invest in the right footwear

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When you purchase basketball shoes, if you want to become a better player, it’s essential that you invest in the right basketball shoes like Zoom Rize.

Basketball shoes are vital if you want to perform at your best, which means that you should look for good quality shoes.

Look for a style you like the look of, try them on before you buy, and find ones which provide comfort, support, and cushioning.