The Buying Guide for the Best Softball Bats

Is it your dream to become a professional at softball? This guide will serve as your softball bible when it comes to purchasing the perfect slowpitch and fastpitch softball bats. This guide includes valuable softball review to help you to buy the best softball bats. We will also provide essential information that will help you achieve your softball dreams.

Fastpitch Softball and Slowpitch Softball for 2020

Softball is a fun but challenging game. It is important to know the difference between fastpitch softball and slowpitch softball in order to enjoy the full experience of this sport.

Fastpitch softball is mainly a female sport. When buying fastpitch bats they should be 34-inch long with a 12 drop maximum (this excludes its weight). A potential athlete should consider the pitches come usually 40 feet away and balls travel at a speed that provides little time for the batter. Therefore, slowpitch bats for this type of softball is unsuitable. They would just encourage the probability of a dented bat.

Slowpitch softball can be played by both men and women. Slowpitch bats have the same length of fastpitch bats but they weigh up to 38 ounces. Slower-moving pitches are delivered to heavier bats.

An expert purchaser of fastpitch bats and slow-pitch bats would know: fast pitch bats should be light while slowpitch bats should be heavy.

What Parents Should Remember with Bats

Any bat can create singles, triples, or hours that make kids seem professional. It would be good to note that the best softball bats accentuate the distance of flight and force. A good baseball instructor will teach children how to handle softball bats for better swings, no matter the brand. An instructor can also be the best person to give advice on purchasing baseball bats fit to your child’s capabilities.

Sometimes children do not need very expensive bats because they want something “cool” or “pretty”. There are also good bats that come at cheap prices. Branded bats approve by certification programs are the best bats because you are sure to be able to get your kid in anywhere. He can use the bats for pure enjoyment or to accomplish his dreams to be an athlete.

Usually bats must be changed thrice a year. You can find replacements at any retail store. You would have to take the right measurements and test out the bat. Retail shopping is better than online shopping because trying out several bats would help your child fin the “right one”. But there are also several online shopping services that can negotiate on terms with buying bats.

Most online shoppers of softball bats buy in packages. They often choose from the known brands like Louisville Slugger, DeMarini, and Easton. Miken slowpitch bats have also become poplar especially among children. High school kids fin the other brands better for their body built and hopes to get scholarships with softball.

Why Adults Should Play Softball

Adults should play fast pitch and slow-pitch softball for leisure. They should join leagues that practice and compete at available times. This help them relieve stress at work.

Fastpitch and slowpitch softball are a great and fun way to keep bodies in shape to face work challenges. Most healthy bodies also become an actor in having happy and healthy relationships.

Fastpitch and slowpitch softball can help most adults with business. Their peers can become clients or business partners. They also can maintain god contacts with competing leagues.

The Best Softball Bats in 2020

Best Softball Bats

The Best Softball Bats 2020 – Photo by Building Rome Series

Buying a Bat for the First Time

If it is your first time buying a bat, you might feel like Harry Potter when he was shopping for hjis first wand. You may be so nervous about which will suit you best.

There are several indicators that will make your bat the “right one” for you.

You will first know by the length of the bat. You should grasp the bat with any hand. Make sure your hold is one inch away from the knob. Then make your arm relaxed at your side so it will extend down your body’s side. Remember to stand straight up. Do not lean on the bat.

If the bat meets the ground, then it is the first indicator that it is the perfect bat for you. If it does not then this indicates the bat maybe too short for you. You should also note if it reaches the grand but you have it slide your hand to the handle and away from the knob, the bat maybe too long.

A bat may also be too long for you if you feel off-balance in your batting stance. It may be high above your position and therefore feeling too heavy.

Secondly you would know by the bat weight. This can be measured by you swing. If your swing is slow with a bat, you should try lighter one. A powerful pitcher can be dealt with easily, if you choose a light bat that can catch his pitches.

A “drop” is a very important factor when purchasing the best softball bat. The drop is the difference of inches or length and ounces or weight of the bat. The Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA) allows only drops from 8 to 12.

Strong hitters with full power tend to find -8 or -9 bats useful. -10 is also recommendable but for heavy bats.

Hitters who specialize in solid singles should use a -10.

When you face a slow pitcher, any -8 to -10 bat is good. The heavier the bat the longer it will get through a zone. The key is not too hit too early.

You should also pick a bat based on technique.

In fast pitch softball you may want to consider these styles displayed on the park:

The trampoline effect- describes the springy act of a bat’s barrel. Barrel springs should be soft to make the bat compress more and the ball compress less. This will create a flight path that may seem to go on for miles.

The bending stiffness- describes the “stinging” of a bat when it is hit in other parts than the “sweet spot”. A good bat has stiffness at high bending which cause more powerful vibrations.

Swing weight-basically the control of the swing. You may feel balanced or end-loaded. The closer the handle is to the balance point of the bat, the better ease of control.

Materials also are an essential indicator. Bats are composite, aluminum, or hybrid.

Composite bats are usually from $200-400. You would have to have the effort of around 200 hits to break in the bat. You should not use these bats in conditions under 65 degrees Fahrenheit. They have a large sweet spot but they do not really “pop”. It creates a crack for a sound. The vibration of these types of bats are reduced and sting less with balls that are miss hits.

Hybrid bats may cost up to $300. They are broke in once they are received. They can be used in any season of the year. They also have a large sweet spot. The spot has an “in between” quality among the three types of bats. It creates a ping sound. The vibration is the same of composite bats.

Alloy bats also may cost to $300. They have a break in when bought. They can be used in any temperature. They have a small sweet spot compared to the other types of bat. They create more vibration and tense feelings with a missed hit ball. The sound from these bats also have a “ping” effect.

These factors summarize how to make the magic of a bat fit your needs. You can find the best softball bat with this reliable information in mind.

The Latest Softball Bat Advice

You are probably wondering: What are the best bats out there which will enhance your skills at this sport? This softball review will come in handy when you are shopping for softball bats.

Louisville Slugger Fastpitch Xeno

Buy cheap Louisville Slugger Fastpitch Xeno

For fastpitch softball, Louis Slugger Fastpitch Xeno would be a great partner for any girl that wants to show off her sporty side.

This fastpitch bat may be expensive at the range of $150 to $500* but it is considered to be worth every cent. The Louisville Slugger brand has been trusted by most of its customers.

It is the best fastpitch bat for girls as young as 10 years old. The size for 10 year old girls should be 30 inches. It is a -8 therefore useful for girls with pure strength. There are several available in different weights with 21 ounces at the lightest.

This bat has thinner walls with high strength. This creates light swings. It has a barrel that will keep stiffness. It has IST technology for – 2-piece bat construction. The barrel and handle are connected straight to add to its appealing effects. The barrel technology is S1iD. It also has an aluminium inner disc which makes it flexible.

The bat has a balanced swing weight. It is also has a good 7/8 inch standard handle. The design is completely composite.

Louisville Slugger Fastpitch Xeno is obviously one of the best softball bats that can level up your game. It is all because it is friendly to young girls, it encourages great strength, and it has great materials that you can’t find with cheap softball bats.

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DeMarini Vendetta WTDXVCF Fastpitch Softball Bat

Buy DeMarini 2014 Vendetta WTDXVCF Fastpitch Softball BatThe brand DeMarini has specialized in both baseball and softball bats for the past 27 years. It has been recognized as these sports “go tos” because their bats use high technology. It has grown to sell products abroad so that even other nations can enjoy baseball and softball with their great bats. They have also created products for apparel and other essential equipment in these sports.

DeMarini Vendetta WTDXVCF Fastpitch Softball Bat is the latest high-quality bats from its famous brand. It is considered to be one of the best softball bats to date. This is because it could qualify as a softball bat for sale, after all, cost varies from $100* depending on its availability in Amazon.

Amazon has chosen to keep a plenty supply of this bat because of the high demand. It has a stiffness with a composite barrel that is synchronized. This makes the effect of returns make a barrel’s energy. Customers on Amazon have loved the DeMarini Vendetta WTDXVCF Fastpitch Softball Bat because it has earned championships amongst high school girls.

This bat can come at the length of 30 inches to 32 inches. Its weight is from 18 to 20 ounces. The DeMarini Vendetta WTDXVCF has a drop of 12. It is useful for any girl 10 years old or older.

It has a numerical system that is called a rotation index. This comes handy to any batter because this reminds her that rotating the bat extends quality and life. Some customers have stated this fastpitch softball bat does not really make hits that would reach far distances but have upgraded the batting experience. Any girl can use it for ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, ISF competitions.

The bat also has a comfort grip that is hybrid. It is a 2-piece grip that is meant to make the batter “at home” with it and easy to keep intact. Since the bat weighs very lightly, it creates faster swings that meet pitches. The DeMarini Vendetta WTDXVCF also has met the bat standard 1.20 BPF.

All girl athletes would find this bat affordable and reliable in achieving their softball goals for all seasons. Despite being a cheap softball bat it offers cool elements every “girl with a game needs”. It is the best softball bat, you won’t want to miss out on.

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Miken Izzy Psycho Supermax USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat

Buy Miken Izzy Psycho Supermax USSSA Slowpitch Softball BatFor slowpitch softball, Miken Izzy Psycho Supermax USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat has become a trend. This bat is also budget-friendly at around $200*.

Miken Player Jeremy Eisenhower is known to create awesomely stiff handles. The brand is a “go to” for powerful hitters because of their good supermax end loading. Users of this baseball bat are usually adult players.

It can bought from a choice of weights in the range of 26 ounces to 30 ounces. Its length is 34 inches. The bat is made of composite material. Its 100 Comp technology allows bat endurance.

Even children find the Miken Izzy Psycho Supermax USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat handy because at any length or width, it can provide a great softball experience.

It has a proprietary HPI that injects epoxy into aerospace carbon fiber. Some buyers have noted the bat has a low quality sweet pop. It would also take several hits to create a break. But it has been promised to add distance to hits of about 50 feet upwards.

Buying the Miken Izzy Psycho Supermax USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat gives a great softball bat at a low cost. With some of the opinions made on the bat, you can use it for any necessary emergency strategy. This is because of the bat’s premium materials which create a performance to change the game.

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Easton 2015 FP15MK10 MAKO CXN ZERO -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat

Buy Easton 2015 FP15MK10 MAKO CXN ZERO -10 Fastpitch Softball BatThe Easton 2015 FP15MK10 MAKO CXN ZERO -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat can level up any girl’s games because of its brand alone. Easton has become a leader among other softball and baseball equipment producing industries due to the world records it has made. Some of these world records include the first carbon core bat, a thermal shroud for the first Apollo’s seismometer, and tent designs for extreme weather conditions. The brand plans to make the Easton 2015 FP15MK10 MAKO CXN ZERO -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat known as one of best softball bats.

This bat is can be just as budget friendly as the several other softball bats for sale. It costs from $150 to $400* and there are even lower price options available on Amazon. You can buy at a stylish color of white or orange. It certifies a swing speed of 98 MPH.

It has been approved by SA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, SSUSA, and ISF. Most Amazon customers have said the bat is at level 18u fast pitch. A 20 ounce version may seem heavy for some girls but the bat is still recommendable to enhance a girl’s strength. The bat also has a 2 piece composite speed design that users find attractive.

You can get the bat for -8 to -10 ounce drops. This means the bat is available with the length size range of 30 to 32 inches. The weight range being 19 to 21 ounces. Easton 2015 FP15MK10 MAKO CXN ZERO -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat has a handle that is ultra-thin at the size of 29/32 inches. Its grip is a performance diamond type.

With its TCT Thermo Composite Technology, the bat provides a beautiful sweet spot. 14u teams have also claimed to enjoy fastpitch softball, with this bat. Users also claim you can make this bat last for two whole seasons. The speed design of the bat promises low M.O.I and swing speeds that are swift.

The Easton 2015 FP15MK10 MAKO CXN ZERO -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat has a 2-piece Conation technology which is made to have completely no vibration. This makes all girl’s performances amazing. You can do wonders with the great elements of this bat. It would help you feel like a pro on the field even during practice.

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Miken Psycho Supermax USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat (1-Piece)

Miken Psycho Supermax USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat (1-Piece) ReviewFor a more high quality softball bat, you may consider saving up for a Miken Psycho Supermax USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat (1-Piece).

This is considered one of the best softball bats for slowpitch baseball and therefore cost starts from $170*. The Miken brand has starred this but amongst its other valuable products such as gloves and bags for softball players.

Adult users are fans of this softball bat because it can up to 20 feet once connected to the ball. You can buy one that weighs at least 25 ounces.

It has super max proprietary HPI Injects Ultra tough epoxy as a main material. This is put in its carbon fibers of high grade. It does this at 750 pounds per square inch.

Some have stated they have hit a 3 run homer with this bat. Others were concerned for the lifespan of the bat but have found services happy to replace the bats easily. There were also complaints it was not allowed in some parks because it is not ASA certified.

Miken Psycho Supermax USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat (1-Piece) would be envied by everybody in your league. It also has 100 Comp technology that customers will find delight in.

The slightened loading of the bat was attractive and suited for a ‘supermax’ title.

People have mainly loved the Miken Psycho Supermax USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat (1-Piece) because it has a fluid follow-through and a good sweet pop.

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Why Buy Softball Bats on Amazon

Most people find online shopping for bats a terrible experience. Amazon understands that not everyone has access to retail stores with quality bats. It has provided the best services for your bat. Amazon has changed the online shopping experience. You will love to buy softball bats on Amazon because there are reliable reviews on all of its kinds. Amazon services can:

  • Provide quality items on time
  • Sizes and features of your bat are accurate
  • You can call Amazon services in any case of delivery delay
  • You can call Amazon services for replacements of objects
  • The staff of Amazon respond to your concerns about a project
  • You will love the advice of other users with the same softball bat
  • Your personal information is verified continuously with Amazon
  • You can avoid fraud with Amazon services

You don’t have to be hesitant with the online shopping experience on Amazon. They will understand if the softball bat is not suited for you. They would recommend the best bats of the same price if you find their services unsatisfactory. You can also use any card with Amazon.

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Breaking in the Bat

If you are buying a composite bat, you will need to make a “break”. These are reliable pointers in breaking a bat.

  • According to ASA, with composite bats half of you Tee speed is required.
  • A fresh bat would not work as effectively as a broken one.
  • Real leather softballs often lead to an easy break.
  • To get the best full swing, it would mean 200 repetitions.
  • You will not be able to break a composite bat in cold weather.
  • A softball should also be war before breaking a bat.
  • Breaking a bat should not take longer than your routine practice.
  • Hit the bat off a tee to get the effect of half-capacity.
  • Rotate the bat between each swing. This should be about ¼ inches.
  • You may also get a break by slow pitches being thrown.

You can now enjoy all of the bat’s good qualities once you break it with these time tested pointers.

How to Take Care of Your Bat

Baseball bat care is important to make your bat last. Here are some handy tips in keeping your bat in shape:

  • Keep your bat where it would not be exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures
  • Avoid cleaning or knocking dirt off of spikes with the bat’s barrel
  • Use old Coca Cola glass bottles to smooth and polish wooden bats
  • Throwing your bat in the ground does not only show you are not a good competitor but it also adds the likeliness of boogers and nicks in the bat’s barrel.
  • Avoid using the barrel’s end of the bat flip when you have to knock dirt off your spikes. Instead catch the end of the barrel and tap the end of the handle against the spikes’ sides.
  • Keep burrs and nicks off of your bat’s barrel.

Remember maintaining a good baseball bat will help you use it longer and match its price tag. When you buy a bat you will form a special relationship with it and you can use these tips so that your favorite bat will stay beautiful.

Other Bat “Musts”

To really master softball bats, you should will need these additional tips to become a bat pro. It is important to know how to hold a bat and what to expect in the field when shopping for a bat. This section will assist you in more bat tips to add in your shopping experience.

Gripping Powers. You should apply pressure with your palms, instead you should must apply pressure with the fingers. The bottom hand should be your less dominate hand. Your strength should be the same as if you were holding a hammer. Your top hand should be against the bottom hand with your door-knocking knuckles.

Hand and shoulder magic. Put the hands about four inches in the chest’s front. They should be placed between shoulders. Your shoulders should not be tense. Your elbows also must be free. You can move your hands and shoulders to maintain loose.

Batting Position. Keep your feet parallel to the home plate. You should dig in your feet at a shoulder wide distance. Bend your knees slightly. Point the bat upwards and angle it slightly toward your body. Turn your head towards pitches.

Creating a Hip and Hand Strategy. Batters often use hands and hip strategies to get the ball. The front hip should make an inward turn which is called a hip cock. This also turns in the front shoulder. Hips should stay aligned and the front shoulder must be lower slightly than the back shoulder. All of these movements should be done before the pitch delivery.

Swinging Tips. Keep your eyes and head levelled. Do not let the bat’s head fall below your hands. Your lead arm must form a 90 degree angle. Your front shoulder is essential for hitting the ball. If you pull your shoulders away from the ball, you may lose eye contact. It may also balance off the level of your shoulders as the ball comes.

Knowing how to use a bat helps buying one easier. It shows to experts that you mean business and you want quality bats. This information will help you grow with your knowledge of bats and making shopping faster.

Joining a League for Softball Bat Advice

If your still skeptic about softball bat reviews online or the sales pitch of a local softball store, you know the best softball advice can be found by joining a league. You can learn about leagues for all ages and experiences around your community. You can also search on the internet for leagues that reside near your home.

When you join a softball league, you must consider these questions:

  • What kind of softball am I most interested in?
  • What level of experience do I have? What skills can I offer to the team?
  • What time am I available for practice?
  • Are their softball competitions that we will join?
  • Is my bat certified?

Joining a league is great to know the scoop on the latest trends in softball. It can be the key for relaxation time or for you to be noticed for your athletic ambitions. A league will also build priceless friendships and connections.

Backtracking: Slowpitch and Fastpitch Softball Bats – The Big Difference

When buying slowpitch and fastpitch softball bats, you have to note the big differences.

Slowpitch softball is a sport for all adults. Most people loosen up and take their mind off work by joining community softball leagues. They aren’t necessarily professional but play the game for fun and health purposes. Their bats are prepared for the standard half windmill pitches. Because the game promotes love for sports, it would be rare to make a strikeout with any bat.

It is still important to know the best softball bats for a slowpitch game. There are number of softball reviews you can trust on Amazon. When you shop for softball bats, note the maximum weight of a slowpitch softball bat is 38 ounces. The length would be 34 inches. Otherwise, the advertisement is false but Amazon clearly blocks frauds in your bat shopping experience.

If you just want to play with the girls, fastpitch softball is the best sport for you. Girls from ages 5 and up enjoy this challenge to make them more competitive and athletic. Girls with a love for sports always prioritize quality and cheap softball bats that are available on Amazon. Fastpitch softball bats hit whole windmill pitches compared to the half windmill pitches of slowpitch softball.

Fastpitch softball bats should have minimum drop of 12. Their maximum length should be 34 inches. There are a lot of softball reviews which could help you choose the best softball bat for a specific height, weight, age, and level of difficulty. There is a guide on buying baseball bats available.

Whatever softball game you choose to play, you would be amazed at a number of recognized branded items that are better than most softball bats for sale but also very affordable. There is also the promise of replacing bats with similar prices, if you find the item not the “right” bat. The most acknowledged softball bat industries that provide god cheap softball bats are Easton, Louisville, and DeMarini. Miken bats are also excellent especially for children and high school students with softball dreams.

Some notes before buying softball bats

There are only few but useful tips on buying softball bats.

  • Bats usually last up to three seasons
  • Composite bats require you to break them
  • Breaking a bat would occur after 200 hits maximum
  • You should always measure a bat with your body
  • You should test the weight of a bat in your batting stance
  • Finding a sweet spot depends on how you hit
  • You should maintain a bat for it last a long time
  • Slowpitch softball bats depend on slower pitches and therefore heavier
  • Fastpitch softball bats should be tested on a pitch delivered more than 60 MPH
  • A trainer can show your child how to handle a bat for power hitting

This buying basic guide for slow-pitch and fast-pitch softball bats can help you truly realize your softball professional dreams. You have just learned important notes and pointers in shopping for softball bats. The additional advice on bats can help you use softball bats to your advantage and make them worth all your savings. Whether you a parent or an ordinary softball player, you will finish this advice reliable and would be considered an expert on softball.

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More than that, I also have the best fastpitch softball bats for you to choose. Although they are cheap, they have outstanding quality that you could play in many matches. You will no more worry about the durability.

Another interesting information that I will show you many cheap easton baseball bats. I realize that Easton is one of the most popular bat providers; however, to choose the best one with the cheapest price is not easy at all.

If you like the brand DeMarini, take some minutes to see our video then explore that world of bats:

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* Disclaimer: The price could be changed anytime, kindly visit Amazon to update the latest price.