Baseball Bat Selection – Things to Consider When Buying Professional Baseball Bats

Baseball is an extremely popular sport in the USA. This game is treated as USA’s formal sport. As a result of this, there’s a great demand for professional bats of baseball among young guys in USA.

If you’re searching for a specialist bat, there are a few things you must kept in mind while buying baseball bat. The normal choice for the baseball bat material is real solid wood. Maple wood is kind of wood which is typically the most popular choice for professional level baseball bats.

Baseball Bat Selection Things to Consider When Buying Professional Baseball Bats

It is because of maple wood’s capability to increase power, performance and durability. However, with these advantages even, maple timber is heavier due to its power and thickness. But still a lot of baseball players and enthusiasts still looking for maple wood to be their best option.

As a result of this trend mostly companies are getting started with the maple solid wood bandwagon. It’ll be very hard to discover a professional bat that’s not manufactured from maple wood. But even if they’re manufactured from the same materials, you may still find some factors that you must consider whenever choosing your bat.

There are many factors you must consider when you buy a bat. Below are a few of them.

Weight Of Bat

The weight of the professional bat is a significant factor you should think about. Lighter weight bats are preferred over bulkier ones because they’re can be swing faster in addition to ease in grip. Even there are some restrictions to the weight but the weight still contributes too much for the batter’s performance.

Bat Comfort Level

How comfortable a professional bat is when you are playing in field? This is a major thing that must be considered. You must be comfortable with your bat if you need to succeed in the baseball game. The same situation applies to other sports like tennis hockey or racquet skates or jogging shoes, the convenient you are, the better your performance will be.

Playing Level

While choosing a bat you must consider the playing level. Every league will have rules regarding the weight, size and materials of the bat that you can use. The restriction are imply for the safety of both team players that are playing in the baseball field.

Brand Of The Bat

The brand also performs a significant role when you are going to choose baseball bat. It is because popular brands symbolize people’s trust upon the strength and quality of the bat. If you don’t know more about the trusted baseball bat brand then it’s better to read reviews regarding different bat on Internet. Which help you to choose a professional baseball bat

Understanding Bat Materials

Simply the three types of materials found in making bats are Metal, Graphite/Titanium and wood lined.

Aluminum Bats

Aluminum is light-weight that allows increased bat grip and speed. Balls travel, although not significantly hugely, 2% to 4%, when struck a lightweight aluminum bat over other composites baseball bats.

Aluminum bats cost more than other bats historically, even they are durable and not easy to break or crack. The hands might take a numbing stinger, however the bat won’t break.

Because of the several mixtures of copper, zinc, magnesium the bats are lighter, which also escalates the “sweet spot” hitting area on the bat’s barrel. That’s why the ratio of bat to ball travel increase

Titanium Lined and Graphite bats

Both of these materials are put into thinner walled metal bats, permitting the bat to be ever lighter and increasing the swing action speed of baseball player.

These materials also improve the bat’s toughness, which is important in retaining the integrity of the bat’s “sweet spot.”

These materials also decreased vibration over the bat when the ball is not struck with baseball bat. It will reduce the hand pain when incurring a stinger. A good plus point in winter.

Wood Bats

Most of the wood baseball bat have traditional look which is most likeable in the older player playing baseball from many years.

Wood bats can be found in higher variety including the size of bat as well as taper for a player’s specific taste.

Hardwood of course has 3 major negatives things. Bats break in the action, and the bat to ball travel ratio is low when compare to other composite bats.

Break In Of Baseball Bat

A composite bat must be broke in way how you break in a fresh glove. How long it requires to break in is determined by the bat, but an over-all guideline is 100 to 200 hits.

To properly break the bat in you should be need quality leather baseballs. The silicone covered balls which some batting cages use aren’t any good for this function.

You ought never to be reaching off a tee. The ball should have a speed at least 40 mph and faster ideally. Be sure you turn the bat @ 1/8″ whenever you hit the ball to be able to break the complete barrel of the bat in.


When choosing a baseball bat, each one of these things must be looked at before you make your final decision. It’s important also never to just choose the cheapest baseball bat accessible to you. Mostly these cheap bats do not provide same strength and comfort as more expensive bat may offer to you. You buy the cheap bats because you think it’s enough for your need as well as they deteriorate faster.

There are many websites that offering the baseball bats review you can get more information there for choosing the professional baseball bats. You can also visit the amazon to know more about the feature and material used in that baseball. All you need is to gathered the information and choose a best bat that suit your needs and other factor that must be considered to follow the baseball tournaments rules and regulation regarding the standard bat used in the baseball game.